Premium Chilli Lovers Gift Pack
Premium Chilli Lovers Gift Pack
Premium Chilli Lovers Gift Pack

Premium Chilli Lovers Gift Pack

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This is the ultimate chilli gift pack. If you're looking to out-gift someone this year, this is how to do it.

Our Premium Chilli Lovers Gift Pack comes with a selection of our favourites from the range, and something to suit everyone. Whether you're an experimental home chef looking for exciting new seasonings, or an indulgent relaxer who'd love a delicious new condiment to add to your snack regime (we don't judge). We guarantee these Red Devil Chilli products will soon become your new pantry essentials.

Each pack includes:

  • 1 x Red Devil Chilli Powder of your choice - you can choose between:
    • Cayenne Chilli Powder –   the little black dress of the spice drawer. It really does go with everything.
    • Manuka Smoked Chipotle Powder – perfect to use as a rub, in a marinade, or as a table seasoning. It packs more of a punch than the cayenne chilli powder, so use with caution. 
  • 1 x Red Devil Chilli Salt as beautiful as it is tasty. The perfect for seasoning for, well, everything. 
  • 1 x Red Devil Garlic & Chilli Oil – more of a Szechuan-style oil, this little devil is deliciously fragrant, spicy and garlicky.
  • 1 x Devil's Delight Sweet Chilli Sauce   love the taste of sweet chilli sauce, but wish it had a bit more kick? Us too - so we made the perfect one.
  • 1 x Red Devil Sweet Pickles of your choice - you can choose between:
    • Sweet Picked Chillies - great in burgers, on pizza, with cheese and crackers, as a garnish, or if you’re a spicy-treat-lover like us – straight from the jar. 
    • Sweet Pickled Jalapeños – exactly the same addictive taste as our sweet pickled chillies, but with the heat dialled up! 
This pack comes ready-to-gift in its own Red Devil gift box packed with wood wool, plus a little brochure with some more information about us and our delicious range. Just pop on a ribbon (completely optional!) and you're ready to go! 

Support a local, sustainable small business AND give a delicious, thoughtful gift – it's a win-win by our calculations.

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