About Us

About Marohemo Produce

Marohemo Produce Ltd was conceived in 2015 by us, Robert and Anne Leyden, and is located 10km out of Maungaturoto in the heart of the Kaipara District. 

During 2016 Marohemo Produce Ltd achieved GAP Approval from Horticulture New Zealand and the first crop of 500 plants were propagated. We now have the capacity for 1000 plants and the possibility to increase this significantly in the future.

Our property was chosen for its abundant water supply and the existing infrastructure from a previous growing business.

The vision was, and still is, to produce first grade chillies for the New Zealand market in an environmentally sustainable manner. To achieve this goal and after careful consideration, we made the decision to grow hydroponically and under cover in order to provide a controlled growing environment for the plants.

Our plants start their journey in our propagation house, where we grow them from seed. This ensures that only the strongest and healthiest plants are moved to the growing houses.

We have four growing houses currently in use, one of which is heated to provide ideal growing conditions for the plants during the cooler months. Both of these houses benefit from a fully automated nutrient irrigation system which ensure the plants are maintained in optimum condition at all times.

Our policy is to use the absolute minimum of chemical intervention to keep the growth and life cycle of each plant as natural as possible. The only spray we use is a natural pesticide and this is only used on an ‘as required’ basis on individual plants.

About our chillies

About Chilli

Chilli originated in the Americas and have been part of the human diet since at least 7500 BC. Explorer Christopher Columbus brought them back to Spain in the 15th century where they were used as a substitute for black pepper which was imported and very expensive. From there, cultivation spread rapidly through Europe, Asia, India and Africa.

Chillies are a member of the nightshade family of Solanaceae and there are more than 200 varieties, coloured anything from yellow to green to red to black, and varying in heat from mildly warm to mouth-blisteringly hot.

The hottest are usually the smallest: Habanero Orange, African Bird's Eye, Ghost and Scotch Bonnet. Green chillies are unripe, so usually aren't as hot as red ones.

Chillies can be eaten raw, cooked, dried or added as the main ingredient in powders and sauces.

The active ingredient is capsaicin, most of which comes from the seeds and the membranes. So, if you prefer your chilli milder, try a green one and remove the seeds before chopping. Wash your hands well afterwards as the burn can linger, or use disposable gloves.

Chillies are available year round to add zest to flavourful dishes.

Our Current Range of Fresh Produce

All of our produce is hand picked and passes through a two stage grading process ensuring that only the very best quality fruit is marketed.

Cayenne Chillies

These are a mild to medium chilli and are available all year round, either red or green.

Jalapeno Chillies  

These are a medium to hot chilli and are available seasonally, either red or green.

Our Exciting New Range of Dried Produce

All of our dried products only contain 100% freshly dried and ground New Zealand grown chilli.

They do not contain any additives such as artificial colour, anti-caking agents or preservatives as found in most commercially available processed chilli powders.

Our powder is 100% pure and imparts a unique flavour and aroma to any dish it is used in.

Red Devil Chilli Powder:

The fruit is carefully trimmed in small batches before dehydrating and being ground to a fine rich orange coloured powder. The final product is packed in 40g safety sealed recyclable glass jars and fitted with a shaker lid for your convenience. 

Red Devil Smoked Chipotle Powder:

Made from red jalapeños – lovingly grown and picked by us, then smoked to perfection in small batches with Manuka wood chips.

Red Devil Chilli Salt:

Made with New Zealand sea salt, carefully mixed in with our own dried red and green cayenne chilli flakes to create an incredible tasty seasoning.