Chilli Ristra

Red Devil Chilli Mexican-Style Ristra

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We make these pieces to order, so please allow at least 7 working days for your Ristra to be delivered - they're very time-consuming to make!

Ristras are a beautiful arrangement of hanging dried chillies for decoration and/or later consumption. They're traditionally believed to bring both good health and good luck to those who hang them at their house, and are also known as a symbol of welcome and hospitality.

Our handcrafted Ristras are approximately 500mm long – made from around 200 Marohemo cayenne chillies we grow and dry on-site. They make a wonderful decoration for your home, but are also a great way to have plenty of dried chillies on hand to throw into your cooking!

If you have any questions about this product or need it by a certain date you can contact us here.